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Dance & Screen Time!

Screens are everywhere! There are reasons to be careful about how much screen time your toddler gets. How can we use that time intentionally?

Studies have shown that interactive TV/programs are best for toddlers. It is encouraged to choose programs where they can look, listen and then do. The best TV for toddlers are interactive. This is already applied and practiced by lots of children's programming but what about in the Early Arts?

Well, I have been a huge fan of the Backyardigans! Although, it is not dance specific...

They know how to bust a move! Which inspired me to create our new YouTube Series: Imagination Island ✨

You know that story time portion we have together in our Pre-Ballet & Beginners Ballet class? Well, here it is in visual form!

On Imagination Island we get to imagine all kinds of adventures while exploring our Ballet vocabulary and steps.

This is not even the best Part!

In our live virtual classes we are visiting the friends we meet in each episode! Can we get more interactive with our screens than that?! ...... I am sure we will imagine a way soon 😎

Classes have drop-in options available and take place on Thursdays!

When you're looking for some interactive screen time, pop over to our YouTube Channel (Episode 1 & Episode 2) and then Drop-in to one of our Zoom Classes!

See you soon!

-Ms. Shirel

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