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Start with Play

It’s time to sign up for that first dance class.

This is a major milestone!

For most of my families this is the first formal class experience for their child.

Like most “firsts” we will have a mixture of excitement and nervousness!

Are you confused how to start?

Thankfully there are so many options!

Choosing the best option for your child will naturally come down to your child's specific learning style. I personally believe that Ballet for Preschoolers should be rooted in play!

Think about it, most kids don't need encouragement or prompts to dance when music is played. It comes naturally. In addition, everything that they have learned had been through some sort of play and manipulation of the world around them.

Baby Ballet should be just that- baby steps to learning ballet! Your child should walk away feeling joyful, curious, and validated in their own creative abilities. I strongly recommend finding a school that understands the developmental stages of children and value the power of learning through play.

Here are some key ideas to consider in a play-based class vs a traditional Ballet class.

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